“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

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CrossFit 88 FAQ’s

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is core strength and conditioning program that delivers a fitness designed to be broad, general, and inclusive. This means that regardless of any age, sex, and fitness experience, our program is by design the perfect application to bring about the best level of fitness to any individual.

Where Can We Find CrossFit 88?

Our CrossFit gym has opened its doors in Park Ridge, IL near the Metra Station at 542 Busse Hwy. We are currently the only Crossfit gym in Park Ridge IL. With this location, we are very accessible to residents of Park Ridge; Niles; Des Plaines; Edison Park; Norwood Park  and for those commuters who work in Chicago downtown and other Chicagoland areas accessed by the Union Pacific/Northwest (UP-NW) line. Our facility offers free parking and showers to our clients upon registration. So if you are looking for a Crossfit gym near Park Ridge, Niles, Des Plaines or Chicago( Norwood Park, Edison Park) make sure you try us out.

Who Can Benefit From The CrossFit 88 Program?

CrossFit is perfect for anyone who wants the best level of fitness for themselves. It is used and acknowledged as the principal strength and conditioning program for police academies, martial artists, military operations units, and professional athletes worldwide.

But not only that: CrossFit program is also used by housewives, the elderly, and even those recovering from diseases. Designed for universal scalability, we used the same routines for elderly individuals who wish to combat complications from heart disease and for professional cage fighters one month out from televised bouts.

Regardless of experience and level of fitness, anyone can benefit from the CrossFit program. We adjust load and intensity depending on individual fitness, but we stick to the same program. A person’s fitness needs differ by degree and not kind. People from all walks, whether it be Olympic athletes, terrorist hunters, skiers, professional cyclists, housewives, and even our grandparents have achieved their best level of fitness from the same CrossFit regimen.

What Does CrossFit 88 In Park Ridge, IL Offer Their Clients?

The CrossFit program gives them the kind of fitness that prepares them for life outside the gym. We will teach you the basic functional movement pattern of pulling, pushing, squatting, jumping, carrying, throwing, and sprinting. These movements are constantly varied and performed at high intensity levels and accompanied with gymnastics, elements of track & field, weight lifting, and strongman are combined in short intense daily workouts to exploit results for any person.

Whether your goal is to lose some extra pounds, to compete at the CrossFit games or in national sport competitions, or even just to restore your pre-illness state of fitness, CrossFit 88 in Park Ridge offers a tailor-made program to each of our clients. Our gym will also track your progress using the Wodify system to help you see clearly what you achieve from signing up with us.

How Will I Start My CrossFit Program?

CrossFit in Park Ridge offers their clients a Fitness Course (beginner CrossFit program designed for everyone) . In 4 weeks, we will teach you all fundamental movements needed in order to perform the full range of high intensity CrossFit workouts safely and effectively. Because you are still beginning, our fundamentals class is designed to go over each movement in a slower yet more detail-oriented pace than a normal CrossFit class. In this critical learning period, you are given more instructional time and personal attention by our coaches.

In each session, you will go through a full warm up, mobility, skills and drills, learn new movements and perform a full CrossFit workout.

If the Fitness Course is not convenient or you wish to be in a smaller or private group, Crossfit 88 offers an 4 one on one sessions intro program. Call us to discuss this program in detail.

What Should I Expect Of The Crossfit Experience In Park Ridge?

Number one: Expect to learn. This is regardless of your current fitness ability and understanding. Expect to have a short and tough work out that would give you a reality check of your current fitness level. Also expect to see a lot of smiling faces who will likely approach you and encourage you to pursue your program. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes during sessions, and of course, never forget your water/energy drinks for re-hydration.

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