CrossFit 88 Fitness

The Fitness Program Is Designed To Advance And Increase Your Overall Health And Fitness. The Workouts Utilize A Large Variety Of Functional Movements Combined Together To Create Workouts That Can Be Modified To Anyone’s Current Fitness Level. These Workouts Are Ideal For Beginners Or Those New To CrossFit Where Proper Mechanics And Movement Quality Are The Main Focus. However, The Fitness Program Is Not Only For Beginners. It Is Also Great For Those Who Are Just Looking To Get In Better Shape Without Having To Worry About Learning The Technical Skills Of More Advanced Movements. Since All Of The Movements Performed Are Scalable, They Can Be Modified To Anyone’s Current Fitness Level Or Made As Difficult And Challenging As Desired.


CrossFit 88 Performance

The Performance Program Is Designed To Increase Overall Health And Fitness. These Workouts Utilize A Large Variety Of Functional Movements Combined Together To Create Workouts That Have A Higher Degree Of Intensity And Complexity. The Performance Program Uses Proven Methods Including Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Power Lifting, Plyometrics, And Sprinting Combined To Help Individuals Get In The Best Shape Of Their Life. The Performance Program Is Great For The More Advanced Athletes Who Are Looking To Get Stronger, Faster, And Better Athletes.


CrossFit 88 Competition

We offer Olympic Weightlifting classes as the perfect supplement for athletes seeking to develop explosive strength and power as well as improve speed, coordination and flexibility. Don’t be fooled by the sometimes-large exterior, Olympic lifters are some of the most flexible athletes in the world. This class can (and should) be utilized by men and women, young and old.

Our focus is on the two formal Olympic lifts – the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. We also use elements of the squat, press and deadlift to help you improve your form and add weight to the bar. Our Olympic Weightlifting classes will help you master proper technique as well as providing you with the training and edge you need, should you want to pursue professional lifting as a sport.


CrossFit 88 Personal Training

While Our Group Coaching Program Is Designed To Meet The Needs Of Our Large And Varied Community, Nothing Beats Private Coaching When It Comes To Achieving Specific Goals. Whether You’re Looking To Lose Weight, Increase Strength, Improve Technique Or Just Prefer A More Personal Setting, An Individual Sessions Means Faster Specific Results.

Personal Training Is An Amazingly Effective And Efficient Way To Achieve Your Individual Fitness Goals. Your Coach Will Work With You To Identify And Clarify Your Fitness Goals, Assess Your Movement, And Design A Program Specifically Targeted At Improving Your Deficiencies And Optimizing Your Strengths.

Each Session Is Coach-Led And Designed To Help You Achieve The Best Results Possible.



Yoga Is An Excellent Way To Complement The Work That We Do With Our Bodies At CF88 On Weekly Basis. Through Yoga, We Can Gain More Strength, Flexibility And Awareness With The Way We Move. It Also Teaches Us The Importance Of Moving With Breath, Which Can Help Us Relax During A Long Workout Or Even Long Work Week.


Project Elev8- HIIT

An incredible cardio experience with tons of variety. Our Project Elev8 program is suitable for all fitness levels. Beginner to advanced, participants experience a challenging, functional, and fun workout every session. Each Priject Elev8 workout is different which helps to avoid those training plateaus that often occur when someone is sticking to the same routine over and over. This variety also helps increase an individual’s level of commitment to the actual workout program as you never get bored of doing the same thing day in and day out, AND you may actually find yourself looking forward to what challenge today’s workout may bring. Project Elev8 workouts do not incorporate heavy strength training or barbell work.

  • $10
  • Per Child