Membership Policies Policy


We offer a one time per year “any reason” hold for up to 30 days.Memberships may be placed on hold for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum 90 days in any calendar year. Notice must be given 14 days in advance of your membership billing date.
  • Month 1 – none
  • Month 2 – $20 holding fee (this keeps your pricing intack)
  • Month 3 – $20 holding fee

Upon expiration of the end hold date, your membership will automatically become active and payment will resume.

If you request to cancel your membership while on hold, you are subject to the cancellation policy. Cancellations require a 30-day notice on an active account. For month-to-month memberships, you will be billed one final month at your membership rate. For contractual memberships, you will be billed a cancellation fee plus contractual rate by # of months remaining. See Cancellation Policy below.

Submit your membership Hold here:      Click Here


All payments will be processed via automatic withdrawal on the 1st of the month for all memberships. All memberships are recurring memberships and will renew monthly. Failed payments will incur a $20 late-fee if no resolved by the 5th of the billing month. We do not issue refunds.


You must notify CrossFit 88 via the cancellation request form no later than 30 days before the next billing cycle if you wish to cancel. If you do not meet this deadline, you willl be charged for the following month. If you signed a 6-month or 12-month contract and have not fulfilled it, you will be assessed a contract cancellation fee outlined below.

Submit your membership Cancellation here:      Click Here

Month-to-Month (M2M) Cancellation Fee
  • Members on a M2M plan, you are subject to a final month of billing at your current rate with a 30-day notice ahead of the next billing cycle.
6-Month/12-Month Contract Cancellation FEE
  • Contracts are subject to a $250 cancellation fee plus 50% of the remaining months due at the time of cancellation.