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  • St. Patty’s Day WOD!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

     We will be celebrating St. Patty’s Day the only way we know how here at CF88. On Saturday the 14th at both 8:00 & 9:00am classes we will be hosting our partner WOD/party.
    Bring a friend that day to show them what our community is all about and how much fun we have! Note: to all you crazy Irish Celebrators wear your best GREEN/IRISH cloths/costumes. You know you wanna!!!

  • March Athlete of the Month!


    We are so proud to have Kathy Jefson represent CrossFit 88 as our March Athlete of the Month. Kathy was nominated by coaches for her hard work, commitment, and heart. Kathy represents many qualities that we find virtuous in our athletes: she’s hard working yet humble, driven, passionate, and more than anything wants to share the power of CrossFit with anyone and everyone she meets.
    We are so excited to honor Kathy! Please give Kathy a high five the next time you see her, we’re so happy to have such a wholesome athlete as part of our family.

    When did you start doing CrossFit?
    - December 2013

    How did you find out about CrossFit 88?
    - My friend, Anne, convinced me to go. She saw a Groupon for the On-Ramp program and encouraged me to sign up with her. I heard about CrossFit before then, but it seemed a bit intimidating to try alone.

    What fitness activities were you doing before?
    - I would go to our local community gym as well as Zumba. When the weather was nice, I’d go running in the Forest Preserve trails. I thought I was in decent shape… and then I experienced my first WOD.

    Outside the gym, what’s your favorite sport or activity?
    - I love being in the outdoors. Skiing, hiking. I am drawn to the mountains; there, I feel a sense of calmness and peace that I don’t find elsewhere. I also love to travel.

    List 3 words to describe your very first CF workout.
    - Exhilarating, humbling, motivating

    What results have you seen since starting CF?
    - Overall, I feel better, stronger, and healthier. While there are obvious physical benefits of CrossFit, what has been most surprising to me are the psychological gains. CrossFit challenges you to push yourself physically and mentally and to realize that you can reach your goals with the right support and positive attitude. There is a sense of accomplishment and confidence you experience after finishing a WOD. It’s addicting.

    What do you like most about CF?
    - The community is what makes CrossFit so powerful. While the act of lifting is individual, the experience is team based. From my first day, everyone at CrossFit 88 has been extremely supportive, welcoming, and friendly. The coaches and members motivate you to keep going and test your limits (safely). An unspoken bond develops when completing a WOD. You take pride in one another’s PRs just as you do your own. It’s the people that make me want to come back and keep me from turning off the alarm and going back to sleep on those cold and dreary mornings.

    What is your favorite CF exercise/lift?
    - The deadlift and more recently, the clean. I have a love-hate relationship with the ergometer.

    What is your least favorite CF exercise/lift?
    - Shoulder press. Anything really that isolates the shoulder muscles is challenging for me.

    What is your proudest accomplishment?
    - My two daughters. They are true miracles and help keep me grounded.

    What CF goals are you working towards?
    - Unassisted pull-ups and handstand push-up.

    Tell us something others may not know about you.
    - I recently published a book on spinal cord injuries in youth and as a child, I lived in Alexandria, Egypt for 2.5 years.

    What is your local favorite place to go?
    - CrossFit 88, of course. The outdoor patio at Moretti’s. The rocks at Northwestern.

    Who is or has been your biggest role model or inspiration?
    - The children I work with- their courage, optimism, problem solving skills, and genuine love and appreciation of life are amazing and empowering.

    Provide some advice for athletes new to CrossFit 88:
    - Get to know the other members. The community is truly what makes CrossFit 88 so great and will keep you coming back. Listen to your coaches. Having proper form is the key to progressing and minimizing risk of injury. The coaches are there to guide you through those challenging and technical movements. Listen to your body. CrossFit will push you outside your comfort zone, which you need to progress, but be mindful of pain signals. Finally, have fun!



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